2 January 2013

One New Thing a Week!

After making a decision to become a stay at home mum at the end of 2011, I wanted my New Year's resolution for 2012 to reflect my new role as a (not very) domestic goddess! I set out to make one new recipe a month to add to my weekly dinner menu. I thought that this sounded an achievable goal but I failed, mainly because after January had passed I forgot all it!

This year I have decided to be a little more ambitious and my resolution for 2013 is to try One New Thing a week. I have also decided to blog about it so that I am more likely to stick to it! (Disclaimer - with a 2 month old and almost 2 year old the blog may not always be up to date...)

To ensure my success in One New Thing I haven't limited myself to new recipes. However I love to bake, and with two new baking books for Christmas, many of my One New Things are likely to be recipes. But 2012 also saw me completing a sewing course and patchwork course so sewing and crafting are also likely to feature.

This blog is really to motivate and inspire me to achieve more with the few hours I have when my children are asleep but if you have found me I hope you enjoy the blog too!

Coming up:

Week One: Sweet Pastry (A recipe to start!)

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