13 January 2013

A Duvet Set For a Cot Bed

My almost 2 year old son moved into his toddler bed this week and I have been looking for a duvet cover for a toddler cot bed for a while. However the only ones I could find were other character duvets (Peppa Pig, Thomas the Tank Engine) and he isn't really interested in any specific character, or were really expensive. So I decided that I would make my own!

I brought two plain white flat sheets for a single bed and measured them out to ensure that they would fit the dimensions of the toddler bed duvet. The ends of the sheets had a 5cm hem so I kept this on one end to make the fastening for the duvet. I then sewed three straight lines with a normal straight stitch to bind the two sheets together.

My next task was to make the fastening for the bottom of the duvet. I considered making ties but I also wanted to use the existing hem and these would not have looked very neat. So I decided to make buttonholes and use some of the buttons from my button jar.

I've never made buttonholes before but once I'd figured out how to use the specific foot on my sewing machine it was actually really easy! I had wanted to make the ties because I thought they would be easier but I'm glad that I pushed myself to do something new (which is actually the whole point of this blog) because I am really pleased with how the duvet has turned out.

The cover fits the duvet really well so I am planning on making another cover in the same way. Now I am confident I might even buy some more expensive and exciting fabric!

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