25 January 2013

Not Very Perfect Bread Rolls!

A little more practise needed!

Today I've made some white bread rolls. I've made bread a couple of times before but this is the first recipe from Paul Hollywood's Bake that I've attempted. The white loaves I've made before have turned out OK but bread baking is really something that I would like to get better at.

People always assume that bread baking is something that takes ages and are therefore put off from making it. But actually most of the time is taken up from the proving stages. This recipe needed two proving stages so the rolls did take all morning to 'make' but only needed about 30 minutes actual work - and the KitchenAid did the hard work kneading anyway! The recipe was surprising because Paul Hollywood states in the recipe to use a food mixer with a dough hook to knead the bread. Usually he is quite militant about making everything by hand so that you understand how things feel. It's also easy to over knead when using a food mixer whereas its almost impossible to do this by hand. 
After Kneading
After the first prove

I've also been practising my shaping skills so I was pleased with the shape of the before the second prove. They were also all of a similar size because I weighed them to get them all the same size. This might have been a little over the top but I wanted them all to bake in the same time.

Perfectly shaped rolls..
Unfortunately I didn't oil inside the bags that I put them in for the second prove. When I took the bags off, the rolls were stuck and as I peeled them off all the air from the second prove was knocked out of them.

...left to long on the second prove!

I baked them anyway and they still tasted really lovely! But next time I really must remember to oil the bag for the second prove...

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