13 February 2013

Rainbow Cake!

I have had this on my Pinterest board from the Imagination Tree for a while and have been waiting for the right occasion to make it. It was T's 2nd birthday this week and so I thought this was the perfect occasion!

Before I started the cake I needed to order some gel food colourings to colour the 6 different cakes. I ordered these from Amazon and I was really pleased with them. I did a little test first with some cupcakes so I could work out how much I needed to add to get the desired colour.  A little went a long way so I've got plenty of colouring for future cakes and icing.

Although it might look complicated it was actually an easy cake to make. It was a basic sponge mix separated into 6 bowls and then a different colour was added to each. I did have to borrow some bowls from my mum though! I had to cook them in stages with two cakes in the oven at a time so this did take  a while to do. The cake was a little bit denser than I had hoped but I think I knocked a lot of the air out when I was mixing in the colouring. The taste was lovely though. 

T loved the cake and everyone was surprised when the cake was cut! 

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