19 June 2013

Fork Biscuits

The recipe for these 'Fork Biscuits' was so easy - cream butter and sugar together, add flour, put in oven. Done! 

I've actually made these biscuits twice already and I think they will become a regular feature in the biscuit tin - not least because I always have these ingredients in the cupboard! The photograph shows the chocolate version but I've made the basic version too. I added some vanilla extract to the basic version and would recommend this if you like vanilla. I'm going to try the lemon version next - I'll let you know how I get on!

10 June 2013

A Playmat Quilt

I've had this in my 'To Finish' pile for almost a year now and it started life as a single bed quilt for someone else's birthday.  But that birthday came and went and another present was needed as this quilt took much longer than I anticipated! 

L is rolling around and is outgrowing the room she has available under her baby gym. With our wooden flooring I wanted to give her something softer to roll onto. I also wanted to make something that she can use in the garden when (if!) the weather gets nicer. The finished quilt measures 1.2m by 1.2m so she has a bit more room! I actually had 16 finished panels and was going to make a 4x4 panel quilt but decided that this was going to be too big so it became a 3x3 panel instead. I've used another panel to make a matching cushion which has been useful in protecting L's head as she learns to keep her balance. (I've still for 5 panels left so if you fancy a cushion let me know!)

I still don't own a walking foot so had to quilt by hand. I purchased a large embroidery hoop and found quilting around each star really quite relaxing. It did take a while so I decided to machine stitch the binding on - I was getting desperate to finish!

But I'm thrilled with how this looks even if it has taken forever to complete. I'm now planning a King size quilt - although it could be many years before I get to complete it!