13 January 2013

A Hand Stitched Patchwork Ball

After making a duvet cover for my son I though that it was only fair that I made something for my daughter! I attended an afternoon patchwork class last year and made a pincushion with the traditional paper technique. I found the technique really relaxing and, because it was all done by hand, I didn't need to get the sewing machine out. Attendance on the course meant that I received a free copy of Cath Kidston's "Patch" which is filled with patchwork projects using different types of patchwork,  so I chose the patchwork ball so I could use the paper technique again. (So this isn't strictly a New Thing as I have completed something with the same technique but I've never made a ball before!) 

The cutting out of the pieces of fabric and the paper templates took a while - I really need to invest in a rotary cutter to make this process quicker - but the sewing together of the pieces didn't take that long. I completed this project in three evenings. 

If  I made this again I would want to think more carefully about the positioning of the different fabrics. I used six different fabrics to make the two halves of the ball that I then sewed together but having made both of these the same, the finished ball has the same fabric together in two different places. (You can see this in the photo with the dark pink fabric). This might not bother some people but it just looks odd to me.

I am fairly happy with it but my daughter is only 10 weeks old so it will be a little while before she plays with it!

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